The story of Holly & Tanager is one that began with friendship. We met at our first jobs out of college and quickly discovered we shared a passion for style and fashion, particularly in handbags. While traveling for work, we experienced first hand the frustration that came searching for the perfect work bag. At the time, a bag that met our need for functionality, while satisfying our desire for quality and style, just didn’t seem to exist in the market. So we made one ourselves, because we believe women should never have to compromise. Three years later, Holly & Tanager continues to explore how we can create extraordinary everyday handbags that work as hard as the women who love them.


On the outside, our handbags blend timeless design with standout versatility. But on the inside, the quality and organization of our handbags is what really sets them apart. Each item is made by hand with the highest quality leather that gets even better with age. We carefully select premium hardware that maneuvers with ease and will never chip. All of our items are lined with materials that will never tear or stretch. We are immensely proud of the final product of this careful attention to detail - thoughtfully designed handbags that meet our highest standards of function and fashion standing the test of time.


We believe it’s time for unreachable customer support and tricky return policies to go out of style. As a Holly & Tanager team, our first priority is to meet your needs and provide you the highest quality products and service. We love hearing from you about your existing bags, colors, materials and designs you’d like to see from us, or anything else you’d like to share with us. And, if things don’t work out, we want to hear about those issues too! The input of the extraordinary women who choose Holly & Tanager helps our brand to grow and get better with age - just like our bags.