In the late ’90s, Holly & Tanager were the actual crossroads where Lindsay Lingle learned her first lessons about business: create a product that’s in demand and exceeds expectations, and you’ll be successful. Granted her first product was lemonade, but it inspired within her a desire to create products that people would enjoy — and were also really needed. Like a cool glass of lemonade on a hot afternoon, Holly & Tanager handbags are a refreshing blend of fashion and function, lovingly made and designed to stand the test of time.

Today, Holly & Tanager is where Lindsay’s star power intersects with the business savvy of her partner, Kathryn Traut. It’s a friendship forged through long hours working in product marketing and business analysis, and a partnership fastened together by an entrepreneurial spirit, girl power and premium hardware.

Holly & Tanager is a brand that’s made by women, for women, because we believe women really do deserve the best of both worlds. Without ever sacrificing fashion for function, our timeless designs display a bold desire to accommodate a woman’s lifestyle effortlessly, day after day.

At Holly & Tanager, we take tremendous pride in our creations and it’s our greatest hope that our handbags will become an everyday luxury that you simply cannot imagine living a day without.

Holly & Tanager. Extraordinary everyday handbags you don’t see every day.



We know great design is incomplete without great functionality.

No more carrying multiple bags with inflexible designs that can’t keep up with you. We’ve studied what we carry, how best to carry those things, and we’ve listened to you – we’ve made the best and only handbag system you’ll need to go about your day and night. Each bag, clutch, wallet, and accessory is designed to work together, helping you own your schedule. We created Holly & Tanager to take a different approach to product development – each bag has a story; each bag is you. You own your schedule.