Say hello to
spring colors

And lighten up your life.

Shop women owned for
International Women’s Month.

We’ve teamed up with Studio Guise to bring you a 2021 Women’s Month special.

Keep it neutral

Responsibly crafted


Our approach: responsibility

All Holly & Tanager products are responsibly crafted.

We believe in having an impact, and are committed to doing good in the world, taking responsibility for our planet. Our first step: recycled nylon.

“All I have to say is
I LOVE my bag.”

— Blue E., verified buyer

“A heckin' fancy multi-use purse."

— BuzzFeed

“My favorite backpack!"

— Verified Buyer

“Holly & Tanager makes luxury work."

— Business Insider

“So light weight, so durable, so chic."

— Emily M.

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