A Unique Ability…To Accumulate Things

At Holly & Tanager, we are women making bags for other women. When taking stock of how women use their handbags, we’ve made some interesting observations. One that has really stuck out to us is our unique ability to accumulate things throughout the day. We’re guilty of it ourselves, but can't seem to pin down exactly how it happens. But, without fail, we always seem to come home with more in our hands than we left the house with.


Women With Vision

Two weeks ago, the Holly & Tanager team had the pleasure of hosting a lunch for a group of truly amazing female leaders from around the Chicago area. Though we had hoped for a great view, because we hosted these lovely ladies at the top of the John Hancock, one of Chicago's most recognizable buildings, we were greeted with rain and clouds. Nevertheless, the atmosphere in the room could not have been brighter, with the purpose of our lunch being to spark a conversation about what it means to be "women with vision".


Whitney Christmas, More Than Just a Mom On The Go

At Holly & Tanager, we have the privilege of working with women from all walks of life - fashion influencers, community activists, motivated entrepreneurs, artistic geniuses - the list could go on and on. The exciting part, above all, is that each woman has a unique story to tell, sometimes not as obvious as it may seem from the outside. If you follow along with H&T, you may recognize Whitney Christmas, our first spotlight profile in our Women of H&T series. Not only is she a fashion influencer, she also gets the honor of holding the job title “mom” to her two and a half year old son, Kai.
Whitney and her family keep a packed social and family schedule. Along with her husband, Whitney and Kai enjoy music festivals, relaxing on their rooftop, boating on Lake Michigan, exploring the arts scene around Chicago, and serving on local charity committees. Whitney finds daily encouragement and inspiration from the mother figures in her life - her grandmothers, her own mother, and her sister (who is also a mother). All of them are, “incredible influences on my own motherhood journey,” she told us when asked who her role models were.
After having Kai, Whitney said she could not stand to juggle another bulky bag underneath her arm and wrangle a little one at the same time! As a Chicago fashion brand, we knew just the right bag for this mom on the go. To no surprise, Whitney was instantly hooked.
Enter, The Professional.
“When you’re carrying your little one and you both need to have bags packed to start your day, you desperately need an efficient way to travel. Once I met the H&T Professional, I found a bag to match my personal style; hands & arm free and I can take Kai’s bag out of mine. I can’t express how happy I am to find a fashionable, dependable, leather backpack in Chicago.”
Her work backpack easily converts to her mom bag. At any given moment you may find these essentials in her Professional backpack purse:
  • Lipgloss and Aquaphor
  • Babyganics hand sanitizer and sunscreen for Kai
  • Colorscience sunscreen for herself
  • Sunglasses, for Kai and herself
  • The Companion Mini, as her wallet
  • Date book/journal
  • Hand lotion
  • Baby wipes
  • Kai's Superman action figure
Three cheers for the moms who can juggle is all, and carry their kids as luxuriously as they chose! For Whitney, Holly & Tanager handbags keep her style elevated and her mom duties organized. For more than just a mom on the go, The Professional is the backpack purse that does it all.

Lindsay Lingle: Balancing Business and a Fashion Brand

From the desk of CEO and co-Founder Lindsay Lingle


A Fashion Startup for Extraordinary Women

Why start a handbag company in a highly-competitive luxury market within the fashion industry? A bold and important question brought up in the early stages of Holly & Tanager. For our founder and CEO, Lindsay Lingle, there was a simple answer: “We saw a gap and had the idea for a better solution than what we had encountered.”