Leather Crossbody


Behind every great handbag is a strong woman.

After years of traveling for work, lugging laptops, cords, snacks, personal items and more in clumsy, unsatisfactory computer bags, carry-ons and shoulder-aching haul-it-all totes, we realized it was up to us to build a smarter, better bag for the good of serious, stylish, successful women everywhere. Although neither of us had a manufacturing background, we had a clear vision for creating a line of extraordinary everyday handbags that function beautifully and look fabulous. So we rolled up our sleeves, learned to sew, attended trade-shows, spoke with industry experts, met with fashion executives and mentors, and in March of 2017, Holly & Tanager was born.

Now, about those bags.


Since introducing The Professional Backpack to critical acclaim, Holly & Tanager has introduced a complete line of hard-working, extraordinarily fashionable bags. We take the functionality of our bags seriously, inside and out. From the comfort and adjustability of our straps, to the confidence you’ll have in our premium leathers, textiles, hardware and craftsmanship, to the intentional placement of pockets and sleeves for effortless organization — our bags are designed with the bold desire to accommodate a modern woman’s lifestyle day after day, and night after night.

By Women, for Women


Women carry the responsibilities that go along with so many roles, from executives to doctors to teachers to moms, mentors, volunteers, advocates and the list goes on and on. Our goal with Holly & Tanager has always been to help women shoulder life’s necessities with comfort, ease and confidence. As a woman owned and operated brand, we strive to create something we are proud to share with women everywhere. Your feedback is essential to our growth and we appreciate your constructive ideas to help us improve our designs. We envision fashion as an industry that values timeless design, exceptional quality, and most importantly: women.


A note from Lindsay & Kathryn:

With your Holly & Tanager handbags, we hope you are armed with everything you need for whatever your day requires and equipped with the versatility to react beautifully to any unexpected turn of events. More women are choosing our extraordinary everyday handbags than ever before — we’ve more than doubled our sales from last year and are ready to roll into a joyous and prosperous holiday season! Thank you for choosing Holly & Tanager.

All our best,

Lindsay & Kathryn