The Pro: The Work Backpack for Women That Inspired H&T

Traveling for work can be daunting, we get it. Jet-setting from city to city is great in theory, but once you hit the road and realize how quickly your work bag becomes an unorganized, deep, dark black hole, you’ll wish you had a better solution to carry you from day to night. Take it from the Holly & Tanager team - with numerous years of experience working on the road, the perfect handbag that actually made life easier just didn’t exist. In our minds, we dreamt of a luxurious, affordable, practical and stylish handbag that seamlessly fit into our everyday lives.

work backpack for women Chicago

From this dilemma, The Professional, our convertible leather backpack purse-to-tote solution, was born.

Our co-founder, Lindsay Lingle, knew there had to be a better option. The Professional became the perfect blend of function and fashion that she had dreamt up in her mind. But, it needed more. It deserved a brand. So, instead of just creating a work backpack for women in Chicago, she decided to create a fashion startup.

The road to The Professional had many iterations.

After all, designing anything is never perfect the first go around. Especially when you’re trying to create the ultimate work backpack for women in Chicago. Sourcing the finest quality leather, hardware, and additional materials was the first challenge. Finding just the right design was the next. And testing out the handbag in the real world led too more than a few changes at the drawing board. Just under two years after the light bulb went on, The Professional came to life.

The Holly & Tanager Professional bag carries your busy schedule wherever you go. Function and style in one, our Italian leather bag comes in many colors and transforms from a backpack to a tote, taking you from morning into night. Most importantly, the luxury carryall features zippers and pockets that can fit shoes, laptops, cell phones and more. These features are designed to help you keep your bag organized, wherever you take it. A work backpack for women from Chicago and beyond that carries you to your workout, event to restaurant, plane to play-date, all without a hitch!

No more searching high and low for the bag you dreamed of in your mind - we made it for you! The Professional is our hero bag that inspired us to launch a fashion startup, and it's the foundation from which Holly & Tanager is rooted - function and fashion for every woman, everywhere.  

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