What We Learned From July...

July has been a fun month for Holly & Tanager. We’ve been hard at work, filling our fall calendar, finalizing plans for some very exciting product launches (keep an eye out!), and soaking up positive energy that encompasses Chicago in the warmer months. One of the biggest highlights of the past month, however, has been working with a group of incredible women for our #HTandMe series.   

We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Charlotte Betts (@milknhonee), Peggy Kollias (@hallwaysrunways), Dani McGowan (@mermaidwaves), and Megan Rogers-Reilley (@bowtifullife) to show you how our bags function in the lives of real women. Each of these amazing women embody our brand in their own unique way but are tied together by a few commonalities.

As a Chicago fashion brand founded by women, we love how these ladies have been shaped (and are being shaped) by the city we call home:

They are constantly on the move, exploring all that the world has to offer. 

caramel leather belt bag

They embrace their own unique styles as forms of self-expression and outlets for creativity.


They are unapologetically pursuing their dreams, with passion and persistence.


It’s been an absolute pleasure working with each of them and sharing their creativity and style with our followers. Thanks for being the highlight of our July, ladies!

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