We Owe It All To You

Listen, we don't know everything. 

That's right, we said it! It's not something we hear regularly from our peers, let alone brands, but we think it's important to recognize. So often women get pressured to pursue perfection, whether it's in our careers, by well-meaning friends and family, or the media, but we're not buying in. Why? Well, where our expertise comes to an end is where yours comes in and that is where the magic happens.

After 3 years of business, we've learned a lot. We tested hundreds of designs, sourced the highest quality materials, and honed in on an aesthetic that feels authentic to the Holly & Tanager brand. But that's only half the equation. The other half is our amazing customer - you. Since we started Holly & Tanager we have received countless emails, reviews, comments, and in-person tips about what you're looking for from us. Many flattering and affirming but plenty with suggestions for additions and improvements too. We know our diverse customer base isn't going to carry our bags just like we do, so hearing about how our designs work within your every day is critical for us to continue growing as a brand.

And that feedback gets put to work quickly. Because we manufacture in small batches we can remain agile in our production process and make additions or adjustments to designs easily and efficiently. We've done this on many of our most popular bags including The Professional, The Champion, and The Companion Mini. 

If you own an H&T bag and have given us your feedback, whether via review, personal email or in person, we want to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU! It really helps us gauge what parts of our bags and brand resonate with you.

If you own a Holly & Tanager bag and haven't passed on your thoughts, we get it, that stuff rarely makes the top of our to-do list either. Consider this blog post a serendipitous reminder from the universe and always feel free to shoot us an email at support@hollytanager.com. Two words, two sentences, two paragraphs, we love them all and take your words to heart! 

If you're considering purchasing in the near future, you will receive an email shortly after you receive your order with a direct link to submit a review - piece a cake. 

So what we want to say is, "Thank you!" for your support and feedback, and keep it coming!