Tips & Tricks For Working "Out of Office"

Today, it’s becoming more and more common for business professionals to be able to work from home or anywhere outside their office. While it may sound like a luxury at first, it’s key to be mindful of how you find balance, in order to keep your productivity level high.  

Read on for Holly and Tanager’s simple tips and tricks to make working out of the office work for you.

Choose the Proper Setting

If you have the ability to work out of the office, the first thing to do is set the stage. Having a dedicated and functional space within your home will help you stay organized and on task. This area will help you separate work life from home life.

One of the awesome things about working out of the office is that you don’t actually have to work from home. Today, you can find WiFi in most any place you would want to work. Coffee shops, co-working spaces, or even a quiet restaurant are all great options to plug in and crush the day.

If you are always on the go or traveling, hotel lounges make great work spaces. For the best work environment at the airport, consider investing in an airport lounge membership or find an empty gate that is not in use (bonus tip: empty gates usually mean available wall outlets for charging!).

If sitting in one place makes you sluggish take advantage of your freedom and switch it up. Go to a different coffee shop, find a quiet park, or sit on your patio to keep things fresh.  And - don’t be afraid to take a call when on a walk!


Organization is the key to working from outside the office efficiently! When you are on the go you need a bag that can hold it all. Our Professional backpack carries your busy schedule wherever you go. Anything you may need for your day - from backup shoes to laptops to a snack to fuel your day -  will all fit in this versatile backpack.

When your office travels with you, it's important to protect your technology from damage. The Sleeve comes in 13-inch or 15-inch sizes and features a custom built in foam filler to protect your valuable electronics. Additionally, our signature slash pocket on the front is the perfect place to stash a slim wallet, pen, business cards, notebook, phone, or other meeting essentials.

Items such as your passport, ID, or business cards will always be handy when stored in The Continental or The Insider; making them perfect for traveling and on the go professionals.

Up-to-date Technology

Today’s technology is what has allowed working outside the office to be possible. Co-workers can be on the other side of the world, yet still participate in a meeting. Consider downloading applications such as Slack, Skype, and Google Hangout to stay connected with all your team members through individual and group chats, and video conferencing.

Additional apps like Asana and Trello can be used to help you stay on top of tasks or to-do lists throughout your day.

Holly and Tanager is a Chicago fashion brand that always keeps your on-the-go lifestyle in mind. We have all the essential backpacks, handbags, and accessories to make it possible for you to be productive and organized wherever your office may be!

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