Three Things To Look for in a Commuter Tote Bag This National Handbag Day

At Holly & Tanager, we’d never miss the chance to celebrate National Handbag Day! Handbags are our passion and we never stop innovating and improving our collection. In fact, earlier this year we introduced our sustainable handbag line made from recycled, water- and dirt-resistant nylon. An exciting next step for us as we continue to commit to providing our customers with beautifully and responsibly made bags.

Meet the Commuter Tote Bag

One of our most popular handbags, our spacious Commuter Nylon Tote is now available in four gorgeous colors in our recycled nylon material. Because we know tote bags are invaluable to every woman, whether you’re going into the office (or working from home), or beginning to travel again or you’re a parent with a young child, or really anyone – don’t we all need a hold-all bag?

#1: Bag Comfort

So here’s what you need to know about our Commuter Nylon Tote and how it can change your life for the better. First of all, it’s super lightweight. It also comes packed with wide and comfortable straps. That’s part of the beauty of our sustainable handbags, the nylon material is incredibly durable, but also incredibly light. And honestly, sometimes even we can’t believe how light the Commuter can feel even when it’s packed out.

#2: Organization

Some would say organization is our thing, and that couldn’t be more true in our Commuter Nylon Tote. Our combo of slip pockets for need to reach items and a zippered option for extra security makes it easy to keep track of everything. Also, pro-tip, you can also use our Companion Nylon Crossbody Clutch as an awesome pouch if you need that extra bit of organization in your Commuter Nylon Tote.

#3: Style

Now, we don’t put style at the end of the list because it’s not important. For most of our fashionable lives, style took priority above comfort every time. But we believe here at Holly & Tanager that style doesn’t have to suffer for comfort.

What you need to know about our Commuter Nylon Tote when it comes to style, is that it’s timeless. It’s designed to seamlessly pair with every trend, whether it’s fleeting or sticks around for years (even when we wish it wouldn’t...we’re looking at you low-rise jeans). You can choose between our classic neutrals black and navy, or kick into high color gear with our newest Fall/Winter colors, forest and berry.

All of our bags are also styled with gold hardware that will never chip. And as we know, good hardware on a bag is invaluable.

All this to say, we hope you’ll celebrate National Handbag Day with a new Commuter Nylon Tote! You won’t regret it.