The Perfect Solution for Pocket Problems

There are very few places we can go where you don't need to bring anything. No matter how quick the trip, or simple the mission, you almost always need a few necessities such as money, keys, or your phone. And, no matter how minimalistic you strive to be, there are just some things you really can't leave the house without. 

leather crossbody purse

Men tend to have it easier. They seem to be able to leave the house everyday with everything they need in a compact wallet that fits nicely in their pockets...because men’s clothing actually has pockets. And not only does menswear have pockets, but their pockets are actually big enough to be useful. Not barely big enough to squeeze in a bobby pin, or maybe a quarter, as women’s pockets so often are. And, even with their luxuriously large pockets, men still occasionally suggest that you hold on to something for them in your bag. The irony.

Frankly, women need a different option because roomie, functional pockets are next to impossible to find on women’s clothes. One day we hope to see the outdated style of useless women’s pockets make room for more functional styles but, until then...

What’s the solution?

caramel leather crossbody purse

The Companion Mini is Holly & Tanager’s answer to this dilemma. It's a hands-free crossbody clutch from Chicago, that conveniently carriers your necessities, fashionably and functionally. 

The Companion Mini is super versatile so no matter what you’re up to you can grab it and go. Besides wearing it as a crossbody, the hand strap on the back means the Mini doubles as a sleek and spacious clutch. We also love using the Companion Mini to pack smaller essentials, before tossing it into a larger bag. With 8 fun colors to choose from, it also adds a pop of color, to complete any outfit!

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