Take It From Us: The Holly & Tanager Team's Favorite Bags

Did you know that Holly & Tanager is entirely female owned and operated? This means that, collectively, we have a TON of experience with handbags: what we like, what we don’t like, and what could be better. It also means that we’re ideally situated to design bags that meet the needs and wants of modern women. Below you’ll find five real women, our team members, and why they love their Holly & Tanager bags. Sure, we may be a little biased. But you can bet your best bag we know a good design when we see one!

Lindsay - Co-Founder of H&T

black structured crossbody bag

“There are lots of “favorite bags” to choose from but right now it’s my Wanderer. I really love that it has a handle so its super easy to grab out of the car and stuff like that. I also really enjoy the outer pockets, where I usually keep my phone. I can also easily carry my Kindle or iPad in it!

Kathryn - Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

leather wallet wristlet

“My favorite bag is The Champion, and the reason for that is because I like to keep all of my receipts and cards in one organized area. There’s a ton of different slots, and I can keep the cards I don’t use very often in one of the zipper pockets as well. Also, I can keep my iPhone 7 Plus in one of the slip pockets and still zip everything up and have it all secured. I also love the wristlet strap so I can easily grab it and go."

Magda - Head of Sales

leather makeup pouch

“[The Tag Along] is small but mighty! The reason I love it is that I can use it as a clutch and just toss it in my purse. It holds all my little items perfectly. I carry it with me every day, inside my Professional, and if I ever want to just run into the store or head out for drinks with friends, I grab just my Tag Along and go”

Emily - Marketing Associate

leather card holder wallet

“My favorite Holly & Tanager bag is my Insider wallet. I like it because it’s super simple but it fits into my lifestyle. I take public transit every day and I really love that I can flip open the magnetic closure and slip out my Ventra or other cards. The other thing is that it’s really easy to slip into any bag or even my back pocket if I want to go hands-free. “

Amanda - Assistant Designer

armored leather backpack purse

"My favorite bag is the Armored Professional. I commute from the suburbs for work so it’s really useful to have a back that's tough and sturdy for the train, for the rain, and whatever the weather may be in Chicago. It holds all of my stuff perfectly so I don’t have to carry multiple bags and I also like that its a coated leather so it's scratch resistant and waterproof too."

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