Revamp Your Fall Wardrobe With Our Fall and Winter Color Bags: Forest and Berry

Fall is here and well under way, with changing trees and cooler days. And with the season change, we are extremely excited to introduce our Fall and Winter colors to our recycled nylon handbag line: forest and berry, available in our Companion Nylon Crossbody Clutch, Commuter Nylon Tote Bag and Insider Nylon Wallet

When designing our Fall and Winter bags, I was inspired by the Glacier National Park in Montana. In 2018, my husband and I took our first trip there and immediately fell in love with the park, filled with picture-perfect lakes, evergreen forests – it simply is a magical scenery. When you’re in Big Sky Country, you can’t help but reflect on the beauty of the human spirit and the natural wonders that surround us, and how important protecting the environment should be to all of us.

Upon returning home to Chicago, I was inspired to do my part, even if it’s just a tiny part, to have a positive impact on the world around us. Kathryn and I developed a line of bags made from sustainable materials, while still being beautifully designed. Which is how our sustainable handbag line was born earlier this year

Now when I look at our deep forest green handbags, I am taken back into the woods at the Glacier National Park, where the aroma of Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine fills the air – a perfect match with your other Fall wardrobe colors like camel and burnt red. And don’t forget a pumpkin spice latte, those go great with everything!

And no forest is complete without wild berries, I mean what would the bears eat? Our vibrant berry handbags are easy to fall in love with. There is no shortage of wild berries in Glacier, but huckleberries are definitely my favorite. I came home with huckleberry tea, huckleberry jam and huckleberry candy. And during our trip my husband Mike and I had huckleberry ice cream every day. Every. Single. Day. 

So our new recycled nylon shade in Berry just came about naturally. It certainly pops in our recycled nylon. I pair mine with my favorite comfy buttercream sweater and worn in jeans, but it also goes well with fall colors from charcoal to cerulean. 

Styling your Holly & Tanager Fall/Winter wardrobe 

Our Fall and Winter colors in my opinion, really can go with anything, that’s why they’re so great. But here are a few insider tips for you:  

  1. The Companion Nylon Crossbody Clutch makes the perfect pouch. You can easily remove the straps and fit it in your Pro Nylon Backpack Tote or Commuter Nylon Tote. And if you’re packing your Pro for the weekend, keep the straps on your Companion and use it as your purse for nights out when you don’t want to carry a fully packed backpack. 
  2. We recommend choosing a bag in forest and one or two in berry for that classic, coordinated look heading into autumn and winter. 

We hope you love our celebration of the natural colors of Glacier National Park in our collection of nylon handbags as much as we do!