Our Worst Commute Catastrophes

Somedays you walk out the door and hit your stride immediately - your coffee is the perfect temperature to sip right away, the bus comes as soon as you step up to your stop, and the sun shines as cars politely stop for you to cross the street towards work. 

Other days things are...less pleasant. With the Holly & Tanager office being based in Chicago, a lot of our team commutes to work or regularly travels to the city. And, while we’ve since become pros at packing our Holly & Tanager bags for optimal organization, the occasional commute catastrophe has struck all of us. In honor of the launch of our new frosted Tag Along, designed to hold your spillable items and withstand commute catastrophes with it's unlined and easily wiped down material, we collected some of our worst commuting misshapes to laugh over together.

plastic tag along makeup pouch

“I was driving with my 18-month-old in the back seat and he got a hold of a handmade fabric shopping bag of mine. In said tote was a Sharpie! He made art all over the outside of this beautiful bag. (And in case anyone wants to know, baking soda, water, and a little elbow grease got it out)” - Magda

“One time I missed a flight connection and was stuck in a remote terminal on the standby list for 6 hours.  There was only one dining option, it was really unhealthy, and we weren't able to leave the terminal. I was so grateful I packed a bunch of snacks and things to do (in my Pro!) otherwise I would've been out of my mind with boredom, and eaten my weight in fried foods.” - Betsy

“I used to walk home from work. I was walking with a friend when a truck came speeding by and splashed us with water. I remember being the one closer to the street and getting way more soaked than my friend - who thought it was hilarious though!” - Amanda

“A few years ago, I was traveling for work and I had all of my handbag items thrown in the bottom of my bag. One of the items was hand sanitizer and it opened while I was flying. Once I landed, I opened my handbag and the hand sanitizer had spilled all over my papers for my meeting and my wallet.” - Kathryn

Lindsay and Emily had similar answers - SPILLS. “Soup. Everywhere” said Lindsay and “Salsa, nail polish, and at least once a week - coffee,” said Emily.

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