#MondayMotivation: Just Keep Swimming

Advice from our co-founders on how to get the most out of your Monday and keep your head above water.

We all know that feeling when the weekend is coming to a close and we are faced with a daunting week ahead (aka the #SundayScaries). For our Holly & Tanager co-founders Lindsay & Kathryn, jumping into Monday feeling prepared, motivated and centered sets the tone for a successful week.

So we sat them down over Zoom to ask them what they do to kick their #SundayScaries to the curb and ensure their weeks are as fabulous as they are. Here are their #MondayMotivation tips and tricks:

Be Kind to Your Monday Self

It’s all about being able to show up on Monday, and getting the necessities out of the way over the weekend. Lindsay and Kathryn both clear time in their Sunday schedules to make way for a successful Monday, getting all of their ducks in a row before their heads hit the pillow Sunday night.

“I organize myself and my house,” says Lindsay. “I feel better when everything is cleaned up and ready for the week.”

“I preview my calendar for the workweek to see if there is anything I need to review prior to Monday,” says Kathryn. “I also like to make sure I have all our laundry done and the house is tidy.”

Especially now, with most people working from home, it’s important to limit distractions when and where you can, and remind your Sunday self to be kind to your Monday self by setting yourself up for success.

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Take a Walk and Clear the Well

Both Lindsay and Kathryn are self-proclaimed “morning people,” so they wake up before their workdays start to get some time for themselves.

“I like to prep the night before and get up early. I prefer to have a bit of time in the morning to catch up on news, look at my calendar, and wake up a bit,” says Lindsay. “My son Harrison is up by 6:15 am, so I usually get him up and we go for a morning walk.”

Kathryn is also a fan of the morning walk. “I wake up, feed the dog, take the dog for a walk, get ready, eat breakfast, and then sit down in my office with a cup of coffee to start working,” says Kathryn.

But let’s be honest, we’re not all morning people like Lindsay and Kathryn. Still, giving yourself some extra time in the morning to do the things that fill you up is a game-changer when it comes to finding your #MondayMotivation.

Clear Head, Full Calendar

Lindsay and Kathryn don’t take on their roles as warrior-woman multi-taskers lightly. When it comes to staying organized and on top of everything, here’s what’s essential for our co-founders:

“I use my Google Calendar to stay on top of my schedule and Asana to keep my tasks organized,” Kathryn says. “In addition, I’m a huge fan of Sticky Notes - I keep them on my desk to write down some of the more immediate items I need to complete. It’s important to manage priorities and I know that if I write something down on a Sticky Note, that task is a must-do for the day.”

Also all about keeping things organized, Lindsay shares, “I use Notability on my iPad where I can write all my thoughts and then always have them handy. With that and even with Sunday prep, I always try to remember to be easy on myself when things don’t go as planned. It is better to start organized and adjust.”

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Just Keep Swimming

We asked Lindsay and Kathryn how they stay motivated when things get tough.

For Kathryn, it’s keeping the big picture in mind. In the words of Dory from Finding Nemo, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming,” she says. “During extremely busy weeks, I try to take a step back and think about our brand purpose and motivation. We’re here to make women’s lives a little less stressful with the right bag or accessory. That is what keeps us going every day.”

For Lindsay, it’s all about having that reset button she can press when she needs to recharge. “For me,” she says, “walking with Harrison [son] and Mike [husband] every day keeps me positive and motivated. I think getting outside and moving is so important”.

Despite our best intentions (and actions), sometimes Mondays win. This is just a fact of life. But the next time you’re feeling a case of the #SundayScaries, know you are in good company – and maybe reach out to your Holly & Tanager allies for some #MondayMotivation.