March into Spring this Women’s Day.

It’s March! The meteorological equivalent of Hump Day. Look outside your home office window: Is that greenery that’s not pine-related? 

Spring is just around the corner and as we move through Women’s History Month, we celebrate today: International Women’s Day. As female entrepreneurs and proud proprietors of a women-owned business, the celebrations in March strike a big, resounding chord with us. 

And because we could all use a little zhuzh (or zhoosh if you prefer) for this year’s Women’s History Month, we’ve put together something special for you. Amanda Nemec, our super-talented in-house designer, also runs her own small-batch apparel and accessory design business, Studio Guise. So we’ve joined women-owned forces with Amanda and produced two limited edition tees (in short and long-sleeve versions, to cover you during those spring temperature swings). 

Our Holly & Tanager x Studio Guise tee was designed to celebrate all the faces of sisterhood. 

We hope you’ll take March as an opportunity to shop other women-owned businesses, too. Women entrepreneurs still confront big obstacles, but our numbers and strength continue to grow. We’re role models for every generation of womenso, we invite you to shop and join us in starting something new. 

Which brings me to the other big Holly & Tanager March news: our Spring color launch.  

That’s right, our Pro backpack tote isn’t just about neutrals anymore. Meet our Glacier and Sunshine colors. We’ve always loved bright color bags – they’re fashion’s version of the exclamation mark. 

And now that all our bags are made with recycled nylon, we can offer color with confidence. If your Pro backpack tote picks up a little schmutz, just wash it off with cold water and mild dish soap – no special cleaner needed. The material is so durable that it will hold its color and its shape. It’s downright inspiring: We are literally dreaming in color these days. 

May you find joy in all – or at least most – of your woman-hours during March. And if you’re skeptical, take a walk outside and get it straight from another girlfriend, Mother Nature: Better times are ahead.