Lindsay Lingle: Balancing Business and a Fashion Brand

From the desk of CEO and co-Founder Lindsay Lingle

You could say that a startup company is the millennial way of life. A generation of go-getters who do not sit around and wait for the perfect solution - they go out and create it themselves. So, naturally, I decided that Holly & Tanager was the right move in 2015 to bring a refreshing blend of fashion and function I realized was missing from the marketplace.

Every entrepreneur thinks that their idea is the best. However, it is not enough to just have a great idea anymore. A brand new business venture needs to be supported from the ground up and truly stand apart. Something we have dedicated ourselves to at Holly & Tanager from day one. Our design process is unique - we always ask ourselves if we are launching something that helps our customers pack their things, stay organized, and follow a classic aesthetic. It is important to us that those elements help maintain the standard we have set for Holly & Tanager. Our transparency and communication with our customers is also the best way for us to continue to evolve and develop as a fashion startup in Chicago. We love receiving feedback - that gives us ideas and helps us stay true to our promise - extraordinary everyday bags, you don’t see everyday.

Launching Holly & Tanager has been one of the proudest moments so far on this startup journey. I know that may seem silly, but really the hardest and scariest thing to do is show to the world something you have spent so much time and energy on. We were confident that customers and women would like it, but you never really know what will happen once you present a product to the market. Our tote, backpack, crossbody, and wallet solutions truly stood out compared to many others in the fashion startup landscape. As a business owner, I am proud that we continue to innovate and evolve our offering, something myself and the rest of the team is dedicated to each and every day.

One of the best pieces of advice I have held onto that I would like to pass on to other passionate business owners came from a story my dad once told me. My grandpa, who was a long-time entrepreneur, said that the roots of running a successful business are the following, “create a great product, charge a fair price and service the hell out of that customer.” When the idea for Holly & Tanager was born, it was important for us to stay true to that piece of knowledge. We help women carry their lives in a more organized manner, so they are ready for anything, offer top-of-the-line luxury that women can afford, and work hand in hand with our customers to make sure their needs are being met day after day.

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