Kicking Off 2021 With a Win-Win: Introducing the Pro Backpack — Reimagined

We’re very happy to see 2021. We’ve heard from our community throughout the past year, and we’ve been so touched by everyone’s kindness and resilience. The juggling of family, friends and work has turned into…well, let’s just say, something way beyond juggling. But we continue to adapt, connect and grow — and frankly, we’re in awe of our Holly & Tanager family.  

We wanted to let you know that we’ve been managing a big transition too, here at Holly & Tanager. Only this one, we’re happy to say, is intentional and entirely terrific.

On Tuesday, January 5, we launch our reimagined Pro backpack tote line made from the world’s first environmentally friendly recycled nylon. And while the name doesn’t exactly sing – it’s called MIPANⓇ regen™ – it represents a huge step forward for Holly & Tanager. We’re proud to be part of fashion’s growing sustainability movement.  

This responsibly sourced material means our bags can speak to where your head and heart are these days. MIPANⓇ regen™ is made from pre-consumer waste that conserves petroleum resources, helps keep gunk out of our oceans and uses less water and energy compared to regular nylon.  

What’s more, our new material styles beautifully — as you’ll see for yourselves on January 5. Our reimagined Pro comes with all of the organization features you love, but without the weight. The bag is now a full pound lighter than our previous design; and while that might not sound like a lot, it makes all the difference. It’s also water- and dirt-resistant for maximum durability. 

We’re kicking off 2021 with a win-win.

And as you can see, our commitment to running a company with a strong sense of purpose remains strong. You’ve told us how important thoughtfully sourced, sustainable products are for you. You’re shopping with your values, and that means so much to us. We are right there with you. 

You’ve probably spent the past year making some hard decisions about what you really need vs. what you don’t. What adds a little more light in your life (especially when it gets dark at 4:30 p.m.). What makes you feel more pulled together and back in control. Beauty, quality and functionality – these matter more than ever. 

We get it. We think it only makes sense to yearn for the constancy and assurance of well-made, resilient things in our lives. We value things that hold their value. 

And while the recycled nylon we’re making our bags from is new, it’s really just an extension of the way we’ve always done things at Holly & Tanager. From the beginning, we pushed our suppliers to give us their best — and walked away when we couldn’t get it. We even enrolled in a sewing class so we could fully understand what goes into a well-constructed bag. And once we launched our product lines, we encouraged you to help us make them even better. We wanted to be known for something that was truly worth the price — a rarity in fashion. 

As women entrepreneurs, we’re always working to fulfill this promise to our customers: a bag that can keep up with you. We think our beautiful, roomy, easy-to-love, sustainably made bags will keep up your spirits, too. We hope owning one will help you feel you’re a little closer to the day when our lives will open up again and our most cherished connections — personal and professional — will be in person.

We’ll have more to share about our new bags very soon. Be sure to follow us @hollyandtanager. We’re eager to hear what you think.