How about a little fun this MDW

We’re offering 15% off everything on the Holly & Tanager website between May 27 and 31 with the code MDW2021. Why? Because it’s Memorial Day weekend, summer is kicking off, and we sense that we all need a little extra fun, especially when it comes to our wardrobes. 

It may not mean you’re casting off your leggings or giving up sweats for jeans. But you see something that’s even a little kickier than what you’ve been wearing around the home office and Pop! Pop! Pop! — your fashion synapses start firing.  

We are all for the resurgence of fun. When we launched Holly & Tanager we knew from the very start that we never wanted being in business to feel grim and chore-like. We wanted to make something meaningful for other women—bags that were responsibly crafted and intelligently designed—and have fun doing it. 

So yes, we sweat the details. We don’t make compromises. We  keep a close watch on every feature of our bags. We pay attention to all your comments and feedback—in fact, it’s that very feedback that convinced us to move to sustainable materials. 

And we’re never standing still: We’re always adding new styles, because we’re always anticipating the multi-faceted needs of multi-taskers like you. This week we’re excited to share our trusty Companion crossbody bag and minimalist Insider wallet are both now available in recycled nylon.  

So please have more fun with us during the Memorial Day weekend. How about getting the Pro backpack tote in a different color—we have six to choose from now. Our recycled nylon bags are  stylish, shrug off schmutz, and live lightly on the planet. Win-win-win. 

As far as we’re concerned, the answer to “Are we having fun yet?” is “You betcha.” Hope your Memorial Day weekend is extra terrific—and enjoy 15%  off through May 31.