Everything You Need To Know About The Confidante Tote

Last week we launched a big addition to our line that we're super excited - our Confidante Tote. This bag has been in the works for a while and we're so excited to be finally getting it into customers' hands! While our best selling Professional Backpack Purse is our most popular bag, we've heard from some customers that they've been longing for a tote with just as much organization and a sleek look. So we made one for you! Here are all the useful features we snuck into your next favorite bag:

1) Let's start from the top. Our comfort-focused handles may seem simple but they're designed with long commutes and ease of use in mind. The perfect length for "sling over your shoulder and go" carrying, these straps are padded, and fall out of the way for easy access to the inside when necessary.

leather work bag

2) Slip pockets save the day when you need to quickly store your phone or wallet...or anything else really. We like it for transit cards and office keycards too.

organized work bag 

3) On the inside, we've divided the bag into two open compartments, separated by a zippered compartment. We recommend slipping your wallet, keys, phone, headphones, sunglasses in the open compartment that has 3 slip pockets. That way you'll have all your most grabbed items on one side. Use the other open area for water bottles, your lunch, or other items that aren't needed as much. The zipper pocket is great for small items like hand sanitizers or pens, that you don't need all the time, but are small and easy to lose. 

4) Yes, our built-in laptop sleeve will fit your 17" work laptop. Lightly padded and easy to slip your computer in and out of, this is a must-have for so many of us. Not carrying your computer? It's great for keeping papers, books, or notebooks flat and un-ruffled.

Long story short - you're going to LOVE this bag. Check out more details here and see it in motion here! 

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