Embrace Compartment Love this

The one advantage of this year’s Valentine’s Day is that the pressure’s off. Stay home. Snuggle. Repeat. That’s our Valentine’s Day tip for you. 

Still, we didn’t want Valentine’s Day to pass without reflecting on one of the loves we share with our Holly & Tanager community. We’re speaking, of course, about compartments.

Don’t worry. We know compartments are nowhere to be found on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (neither are macarons or Ted Lasso, a matter we’ll save for another day). But we’ve built our entire business on products that have thoughtfully designed compartments—the kind we always yearned as working women being pulled in a dozen directions at once. So of course, we’re very attached to them. 

But this is not just about our feelings. We see your comments on social media and your reviews, and it’s safe to say you share our love of intelligently designed, easy-to-use, organized-beyond-compare compartments too. 

We think there are two reasons why. 

Reason 1: Our compartments show we’re empathic and thoughtful about your needs—and who doesn’t want a little more of that in their life? Our Pro backpack tote features THE laptop sleeve, with sufficient padding so a separate sleeve isn’t necessary. The bottom zipper pouch has room to stow a change of shoes or yoga mat (or, as some of our media coverage has noted, a bottle of wine) and keep it separate from everything else. The top compartment has four primary pockets—one zippered and three slip pockets—and they’re all intentionally designed so your gear won’t slip into the dark underworld of your bag and make you dig for what you want. Compartments are our way of saying, “We get you.”

And because our new reimagined Pro backpack tote is made of a recycled nylon that holds its shape beautifully, all these compartments don’t collapse on themselves and smush your gear when you put the bag down. They’re steadfast in their service.

Reason No. 2: Compartment-love is rooted in the notion of control, which is in short supply these days. When you put something in the Pro backpack tote, you know where it is. It’s tucked away, but still within reach. You may feel like you’re an unwilling passenger on the crazy train of life, but at least you easily get your hands on your wallet and keys. 

And when you feel like you’ve got a handle on all the gear in your Pro, your relationship to that gear changes. When you know where everything is, you never have to pack more than you need—and what you do have you appreciate more. The sunglasses that make you look fabulous and a little mysterious. The gym shoes you can slip into the Pro bottom zippered pouch so you can take an impromptu walk in the park. That lip balm you now have at your fingertips reminds you of the friend who swore by it and insisted you try it. 

Do our compartments help you feel more present, more focused, more willing to let go of what you don’t need? Hmmm, maybe compartment-love is actually a kind of mindfulness. Sure, we’ll go with that.