A Unique Ability…To Accumulate Things

At Holly & Tanager, we are women making bags for other women. When taking stock of how women use their handbags, we’ve made some interesting observations. One that has really stuck out to us is our unique ability to accumulate things throughout the day. We’re guilty of it ourselves, but can't seem to pin down exactly how it happens. But, without fail, we always seem to come home with more in our hands than we left the house with.

The hustle of everyday life can pile up right before your eyes. While you are on your way home from work you are also stopping at the gym, running errands, and planning what’s for dinner. Maybe you get a flyer on the street, a coupon with a receipt, or a free sample from the drugstore, that you hurriedly toss in your bag. You swore when you left the house you had everything perfectly packed into your bag but, when finally geting home, you have three grocery bags, leftovers from lunch, your kid’s school project, and an empty coffee mug to carry into the house. And we don’t know about you, but we’d rather run a marathon (okay, maybe only a half marathon) than have to take two trips.

Our solution to this dilemma? The perfect tote bag. When you’re juggling what seems like a million knick knacks and responsibilities, you need a bag that can multitask as well as you do. Our Commuter Tote is specifically made for such times as these, when you need a carryall bag that can handle all your belongings.

What is the Perfect Tote Bag?

It needs to be big enough to house all the items you collect throughout the day, but with enough organization and additional pockets for necessities like keys, a wallet, and a phone. It has to be sturdy enough to hustle through the city with you, but stylish enough to make a statement when you walk in a room. Whether you’re in and out of the car, the train, or traveling through the airport, it needs to be functional enough to keep up with your schedule. And hey, if it looks stylish on the outside, your co-workers will never know your bag is actually filled with dog treats, kids snacks, and gum wrappers.


Our Commuter Tote is the perfect tote bag from Chicago that delivers on all of these standards. We designed this tote to have enough space to store anything you collect, with enough internal and external pockets to keep you organized. And our luxurious leather, in 7 color combinations, makes a bold statement. The Commuter Tote is the tool you need to be the multi-tasker you were made to be!

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