A Fashion Startup for Extraordinary Women

Why start a handbag company in a highly-competitive luxury market within the fashion industry? A bold and important question brought up in the early stages of Holly & Tanager. For our founder and CEO, Lindsay Lingle, there was a simple answer: “We saw a gap and had the idea for a better solution than what we had encountered.”

After searching for, and failing to find, the perfect everyday handbag, Lindsay identified something missing in the marketplace that needed to be filled. In 2015, no brand existed dedicated to merging the gap between fashion and function without sacrificing either luxury design or everyday practicality. It didn’t take long before a Chicago fashion startup was born.

Holly & Tanager’s creativity is fully focused on designing thoughtful handbags that fill the important unmet needs of women day after day after day.

  • A timeless and sophisticated travel wallet without the bulk.
  • An elegant and stylish crossbody clutch that carries daily essential items.
  • A leather backpack convertible purse designed to fit seamlessly into multiple lifestyles.
  • A tote bag for the work commute, happy hour drinks, and everything in between.

However, it is not enough to just “carry a handbag” for many women in today’s landscape. When women make a statement by choosing individuality and style, they make a choice to look and feel confident. Holly & Tanager handbags aim to inspire the extraordinary women who inspire us the most.

  • We continually strive to exceed expectations, providing women everything they need to succeed — at work, at leisure, at life.
  • We uphold a bold desire to create and design products that accommodate a woman’s lifestyle effortlessly.
  • We listen to what our clients love about our handbags and work to incorporate our their suggestions.

Extraordinary women deserve the extraordinary in their handbag every day.

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