Holly & Tanager's Guide to Spotting Quality Leather Handbags

 A handbag is so much more than just an accessory. It's an investment piece that helps you express your style, day in and day out. For this reason, quality is our first priority. You never want to find yourself stuck in a situation where you paid too much for a low-quality bag that ends up not lasting long or fitting your lifestyle needs.

We've pinpointed 4 ways to spot a high-quality leather handbag that won't leave you disappointed. Read on to see how we deliver each of these qualities in every H&T bag.

  1. The Leather

First and foremost is the quality of the leather. Man-made “leathers” will never feel the same as natural leather. Untreated, natural leathers are soft and supple to the touch.

The price of the leather speaks volumes. Let’s put it this way; that $50 leather tote wasn’t made with the best quality leather and probably won’t last more than a couple of seasons.

Holly & Tanager is made with Italian leather - soft, supple mill - grained cowhide with a luxurious touch that is well worth every dollar.

  1. The Interior

In any quality bag, the inside will be just a great as the outside. The material of the lining should feel durable, not flimsy. With all of the things you put in your bag, you’ll want something that’s going to last.

Holly & Tanager’s handbags and leather backpacks from Chicago are built with stylish yet durable, heavyweight canvas lining that withstands wear and tear.

leather crossbody purse

     3. The Hardware

Once a zipper fails, a bag becomes useless. The teeth of the zippers should be made of metal, not plastic. The zipper pull should also be made of a strong metal or a durable material. Zippers should operate smoothly, so give a zipper a few test runs to make sure there are no snags or stops. Holly & Tanager handbags use zippers and hardware that open and close smoothly to ensure ease of use, and will never chip.

Additionally, all other hardware should be able to maintain the weight and stress of the bag when filled to capacity. To compliment quality leather, hardware needs to be just as fabulous. Scratches or chips are a sign of cheap hardware. Check things such as rings, clasps, hooks, buckles, and rivets for how they’re built into the bag. Give these items a tug to see if they are properly reinforced and don’t feel as if they’ll pop off. Our hardware is sturdy, stylish and easily holds the weight of whatever you pack in your bag.

  1. Function

Straps and handles should be just as strong as the rest of your bag. If made of leather, the inside of the strap should not be hollow or foam filled. They should be able to handle the weight of your world.

Handle the bag as if you were to use it. Open and close all pockets. Tug on the straps. Our handbags handle these tests with ease.

leather crossbody purse

We can confidently say you will never be disappointed in the quality, style, or function of our bags. We make products we are proud of, use ourselves, and are excited to share with you! Holly & Tanager handbags are a refreshing blend of fashion and function, lovingly made and designed to stand the test of time and your busy lifestyle.

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